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At RAMS Engineering & Asset Management Consultancy Limited, we are committed to producing high-quality consultation services to exceed customer expectations.

Our top-end clients include Transport for London, Hitachi Rail Europe, Hitachi Rail Japan, Alstom Transportation, UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Siemens.

Our services include direct consultancy services and training.

  1. Jubilee Line Smart Maintenance Optimisation Project.
  2. Safety and reliability analyses.
Transport for London (TfL), UK
  1. Delivered HS2 RAMS Pre-Qualification Questionnaire on behalf of Hitachi Rail Europe.
  2. Delivered FMECA & RAMS awareness training for RAMS and System Engineers at Hitachi Rail.
  3. RAMS LCC Approvals and Evaluation for Class 800/801 Bi-mode trains for Hitachi Rail Europe.
  4. Nexus Bid RAMS & Performance support on behalf of Hitachi Rail Europe.
Hitachi Rail Europe, UK
  1. Northern Line reliability and safety analyses to support the maintenance extensions for the 95 tube stocks.
  2. Northern Line Smart Maintenance Extension projects for A, A2 and A6 inspection tasks.
  3. Northern Line Smart Maintenance Extension projects for B minor and B major inspection tasks.
Alstom Transportation UK
  1. System Assurance plan, Safety Plan, Safety verification & Test Plan,
  2. RAMS Demonstration & Test Plan,
  3. Preliminary System Assurance Assessment Report and Detail System Assurance Assessments.
  4. Design Safety Case Assessment.
  5. Safety Verification Case Assessment.
  6. Safety Test and Verification Assessment.
  7. Operational Safety Case Assessment.
  8. Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
Hitachi Rail Japan
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